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Safety Examinations (VCA): SGS INTRON Examination Office

Are you working safely?

Did you know that in the Netherlands about 220,000 accidents occur each year, which are so severe that workers are permanently injured or even die? Most accidents are the result of falls from height (32%), working with machinery (25%) and falling objects (13%).

Safe working – providing you with customized SCC examinations

SGS INTRON BV is an ISO certified, national registered examination office. Since 1998 our services have helped to increase safety for regular education establishments, such as ROC, VMBO and HBO, and organizations, such as employment agencies, security companies and correctional facilities.

To help increase workplace safety, our services include:

  • VCA examination by size
  • VCA entry exams
  • VCA study packages

VCA customized examinations

We offer examinations at your premises or chosen location – any day, any time and for any number of candidates. Examinations include:

  • Basic Elements of Safety (B-SSC)
  • Safety for Operational Supervisors SCC (SOS-SCC)
  • Safety for Intermediaries and Supervisors (SIS-SCT)

Duration of exams

The Basic Elements of Safety exam is conducted over one hour and consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. To pass, participants must answer 28 questions, or more, correctly.

The SOS-SSC exam is conducted over one hour and 15 minutes. It consists of 70 multiple-choice questions. Participants must answer 49 questions, or more, correctly to pass.

The SIS-SCT exam lasts one hour and 15 minutes. It consists of 70 multiple-choice questions. Participants must answer 49 questions, or more, correctly to pass.

Different languages

Besides exams in Dutch, SGS INTRON can provide the following exams in a range of languages:

Basic Elements of Safety English, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Slovak, Turkish, Spanish, Lithuanian
SOS-SCC: English, German, French
SIS-SCT: English

Other European languages are available on request.

Reading difficulties

Candidates with reading difficulties or dyslexia can still participate in the Basic Elements of Safety reading exam. Contact us for further details.

Passing exams

On achieving a positive test result you will be required to make a credit or debit card payment in order to receive your certificate.

The SCC diplomas are valid for 10 years and are registered in the Central Register Diploma VCA.

VCA entry exams

We hold regular walk-in examinations in the afternoon and in the evenings at six different fixed locations in the Netherlands. For dates and locations of our walk-in exams, please refer to the link below.

To find out more about our customized examinations, contact us today.


SGS INTRON Examenbureau

  • Venusstraat 2
    Culemborg, 4105 JH
  • t   +31 88 214 51 41
  • f   +31 88 214 46 09
  • e   Email us


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