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Whether you have a question related to building products or processes or require materials testing or full project management, we can help.

SGS offers you sustainable, practical solutions for all your construction-related requirements. With over 45 years of experience in the field of material research, advice and innovation, we are the leading provider of services related to building materials and construction processes in the Netherlands and abroad.

A comprehensive range of services related to building materials and processes

We offer producers, contractors, architects, industry associations, governments and private parties a wide range of services, including:

  • Inspection, risk and damage assessment:providing insights into the state and remaining service life of a structure, extent and cause of damage and any associated risks
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT): researching structures without causing damage
  • Laboratory materials research: from small, specialized requirements to bulk analysis to test your building materials and intensive products testing for analysis and approvals
  • Concrete: predicting cracking in young concrete, managing risks of hardening concrete structures, analyzing damaged concrete and optimizing the composition of concrete mixes. We also provide assessment and analysis of coatings on concrete
  • Innovative materials for road construction: in close cooperation with road builders, The Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management, and Delft University of Technology, we are constantly working on new, smarter, more sustainable construction materials and solutions, such as rollable asphalt, ultra-quiet roads and self-healing asphalt
  • Materials used in the building envelope: quality testing to certify product characteristics, such as water tightness, water vapor permeability, tensile strength and thermal resistance
  • Granulates and aggregates: research and counseling in recycling construction and demolition waste and waste from industrial processes, for use as secondary building materials
  • Sustainability and environment: determining and optimizing the sustainability and environmental performance of building materials and products, so you can stand out and meet all national and international standards
  • Sampling for materials research, production monitoring and batch inspections: we are a certified and reliable partner for sampling batch inspections of soil and dredged material, granular and shaped or monolithic building materials
  • Traffic signals: inspecting and testing dynamic road signs and traffic lights, and carrying out research for product development
  • Construction Products Regulation (CPR):  helping you to meet the European requirements for your building product, so you are able to use the CE mark. We provide expert knowledge of CPR, building materials and the product standards that apply to your building product
  • Sports floors: extensive experience in the construction, testing, inspection, certification and improvement of synthetic indoor and outdoor flooring and artificial turf to meet the requirements of athletes, sports federations, NOC*NSF (Dutch Athletic Committee), FIH and FIFA
  • Product development: we offer innovative and creative solutions for smarter and more sustainable products, such as the development of innovative cellular concrete for floating and energy-efficient homes, sulfur concrete and concrete with phase change materials
  • Data: developing smart applications and devices that collect big data for the construction industry
  • VCA (safety) examination: we are an ISO-certified, nationally operating safety examination office, offering tailored VCA-examinations, VCA walk-in exams and VCA self-study packages

Extensive building expertise at your service

We have an extensive, enthusiastic team of highly trained specialists, experienced all-rounders and young professionals on hand. So whether you have a quick question or a complex problem, we can help with a personal and comprehensive approach. We can carry out virtually any type of material research in our accredited laboratory. We keep up to date with the very latest developments and regulations, working with state-of-the-art technologies so we can offer you the best possible, high-quality solution.

Quality and independence

When you choose SGS, you choose an independent organization. With us you can rely on answers and research based on facts. We provide you with a clear report to help you make fully informed decisions. We also work according to current standards and have the necessary accreditations from the Accreditation Council. Plus, for your peace of mind, our independence is tested by an external party.

To find out more about our services related to building materials and processes, contact us today on 088-214 5204 or by e-mail.