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Confirm the quality of your building materials, products, processes, services and systems with independent certification from SGS.

The construction industry is subject to a wide range of regulations, standards and laws. You need independent verification and certification to confirm your compliance with the relevant requirements. As an independent certification body for the construction industry, we can help confirm the quality of your building materials, products, processes, services and systems. We also provide inspection services for construction-related companies. Wherever your customers and sales markets are in the world, we will ensure that you get the certificates you need to do business.

A Wide Range of Services

We offer a wide range of certification services for a variety of building materials, including:

  • Soil and ground: from batch testing of ground to soil remediation, we offer soil and ground certification, including BRL SIKB 1000, BRL SIKB 2000, BRL SIKB 2100, BRL SIKB 4000, BRL SIKB 6000 and more
  • Raw materials and building materials: ensure the quality of raw materials in construction products, such as sand, gravel, stone and recycled granulates. We offer certification for a range of standards, including BRL 2307, BRL 2506, BRL 2507, BRL 9322, SPC 0033 and many more
  • Roofing, facades and insulation materials: confirm that your insulation materials, roofing materials, facade panels or fastening systems comply with the relevant requirements. We provide a wide range of certification, including BRL 1301, BRL 1511, BRL 4101, BRL 4713 and more
  • Concrete: the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) Mark is a global quality mark that demonstrates responsibly sourced concrete. As co-founder of CSC, we can help you obtain your CSC Quality Mark
  • Refrigeration technology (BRL 100 and STEK): we can certify you in accordance with BRL 100 and STEK. BRL 100 is the mandatory F-gas certificate. STEK certification confirms quality, durability, safety and corporate social responsibility
  • Sports floors: we are recognized as an inspection and certification body by NOC*NSF, FIFA and the International Hockey Association, FIH. We can carry out national and international inspections of sports floors. In addition, we can determine the sustainability of sports accommodations
  • Impermeable facilities: we certify the construction and repair of liquid-tight facilities (by contractors) based on BRL SIKB 7700 and inspect existing liquid-tight facilities based on SIKB AS 6700
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED): we can issue certification to confirm that you can design, develop, build and use pressure vessels, tanks, boilers and process plants that comply with strict local and national laws
  • CE marking (CPR): we help you demonstrate that you meet the European requirements, according to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), for your construction product, so you can apply CE marking
  • KOMO certification: we can help you demonstrate that you comply with guidelines so you can obtain your KOMO certificate, which is widely recognized in the Dutch construction industry. It proves that your construction product and quality systems are recognized by an authorized certification institute

We can also help you achieve:

  • Application of specialist maintenance techniques for concrete structures (BRL 3201)
  • ISO 14021 Environmental labels and declaration
  • BRL EPD (under development)
  • Manufacturer's Own Declaration (FEV)

Through close collaboration with SGS Nederland B.V, we can also help you with various other system and service certificates for the construction industry, including:

  • ISO 9001 (quality management systems)
  • ISO 14001 (environmental management systems)
  • BRL SVMS 007 (safe and environmentally-friendly demolition)
  • CO2 Performance Ladder
  • SSC Checklist Contractors

Independent Expertise

Our employees are active in specialist colleges and involved in the development of standards. As a result, we are able to provide in-depth knowledge of national and international regulations and standards. We can inform you on how certification can strengthen your position in the market.


We are accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA registration numbers C015 and I213). You can rely on us for independent advice and research. We work according to current standards and procedures to guarantee the best possible solutions with the highest quality and reliability. Our modern, accredited SGS INTRON B.V. laboratory offers comprehensive testing of your products to map features for regulatory compliance and/or application requirements.

SSC and Asbestos Examination

SGS Safety Exams is an ISO certified, nationally operating SSC and asbestos examination office, where you can take your SCC and asbestos qualification. You can choose an exam at a location near you or an in-company exam at your office.

SGS INTRON Certificatie Regulations

To find out more about our certification services for the construction industry, contact us today.

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