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Sports flooring certification services in the Netherlands from SGS – a range of testing, inspection and certification services to ensure your sports flooring is safe, durable and delivers optimum performance.

Athlete running on all-weather running track

Whether for football, hockey, tennis or athletics, a good synthetic sports floor must deliver the right sports performance. That is why ensuring the shock absorbing capacity, resilience, quality, stability and rigidity of your sports floor is essential. Our sports flooring services offer you inspection, materials testing, damage assessment and certification to ensure your sport surfaces meet the safety, durability and quality requirements needed to optimize performance.

Why choose sports flooring certification from SGS?

Our services can help ensure that you:

  • Meet the legal and regulatory requirements of the Dutch Olympic Committee, national sports federations, FIH and FIFA
  • Confirm the quality, durability and safety of your sports flooring to top athletes and teams
  • Meet the requirements for organizing international matches and events at your location
  • Optimize performance and, in turn, reduce injuries
  • Avoid unexpected expenses associated with damage caused by incorrect installation

Ensure peak performance with a leading partner in sports flooring inspection and certification

As a world-leading provider of inspection, certification, testing and verification for building materials, construction processes and quality control, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise in sports flooring requirements.

With our independent, high-quality construction research institute, we are recognized by the Dutch Olympic Committee, FIFA and FIH as an inspection institute. As a result, we are authorized to inspect sports flooring – both in the Netherlands and internationally. Our laboratory is accredited according to EN ISO / IEC 17025, which allows us to perform a variety of tests on a variety of materials such as plastic, concrete and metal.

Our services include:

  • Initial and periodic inspections of sports flooring
  • Certification of artificial turf and synthetic sports flooring
  • Athletic field artificial grass certification
  • Synthetic turf testing services
  • Determination of the sustainability of sporting facilities
  • Material testing and construction testing
  • Inspection of and renovation mediation of sports constructions
  • Quality control of sports structures
  • CE marking for sports flooring and components
  • Second opinions

We even offer sport ground Inspection services, covering aspects such as fences, dug outs and goals.

To discuss your sport flooring requirements, contact us today.