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Soil protecting facility inspections according to AS SIKB 6700 – meet the requirements for a liquid-tight facility.

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If your business conducts activities that entail a risk of soil contamination, according to the Dutch Activities Decree or when a permit is issued based on the Dutch Soil Quality Decree, your facility must be liquid tight. Accreditation Scheme AS SIKB 6700 sets out the requirements for inspecting soil protecting facilities to ensure liquid tightness. We conduct inspections of soil protecting facilities in accordance with AS SIKB 6700.

Standards for Liquid-tight Facilities

A facility must meet the following three criteria in order to be declared liquid-tight:

  • The liquid can not flow from the facility and can only flow to the intended receiving point
  • The facility does not show any defects
  • The liquid has not reached the side that is not loaded with liquid

As an independent, accredited inspection body, we are authorized to establish objectively and independently whether a facility (floor, paving or industrial sewerage) can be regarded as liquid tight in the context of the Soil Quality Decree. When it qualifies as liquid tight, it will be issued a Liquid-Tight Facility Declaration.

How We Can Help

We will:

  • Perform an inspection of your soil protecting facility in accordance with AS SIKB 6700 and the associated protocols:
    • 6701 – visual inspection of liquid-tightness – assessment of, in particular, floors and paved surfaces
    • 6703 – hydrologic measurement of liquid-tightness – inspection of company sewage systems
  • Provide a report of the inspection
  • Issue a Liquid-Tight Facility Declaration if the applicable criteria are met

Why Choose SGS for Soil Protecting Facility Inspections in Accordance with AS SIKB 6700?

SGS INTRON Certificatie B.V. is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council in accordance with accreditation scheme AS SIKB 6700. We are periodically audited, so we continuously demonstrate that we comply with the requirements for expertise and independence. As a member of the ODI/VDV Foundation, we stay up to date with issues surrounding requirements for inspecting and issuing Liquid-Tight Facility Declarations. If an inspected facility is not liquid-tight, we will provide our professional opinion regarding repair work and/or changing the operational management of the facility.

Contact us today to learn more about our soil protecting facility inspections.