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BRL SVMS-007 certification from SGS – certifying Dutch demolition services as safe and environmentally friendly.

Digger Demolishing Building

Demonstrating your commitment to safety and sustainability is becoming a crucial prerequisite for providing demolition services in the Netherlands. Our BRL SVMS-007 certification provides recognized and practical confirmation that your demolition services are carried out in a sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly way.

How BRL SVMS-007 certification from SGS can benefit your organization

BRL SVMS-007 certification from SGS helps you to:

  • Strengthen competiveness and your position in the market
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability
  • Identify, assess and reduce risks – for your organization, your people and the environment
  • Ensure that each project complies with all necessary quality procedures, processes and requirements
  • Confirm adherence to occupational health and safety, and environmental safety requirements
  • Show responsible use and reuse of released demolition materials

Certification for safe and environmentally friendly demolition in the Netherlands

As a world-leading provider of certification services, we offer you unrivaled expertise in safety and sustainability requirements for demolition in the Netherlands. Our highly experienced auditors can translate the requirements of BRL SVMS-007 into an understandable, eight-step plan – an organized, clear and practical roadmap to help you prepare for all requirements and achieve certification.

BRL SVMS-007 certification also entails a yearly audit and unannounced project inspections as part of the process after authorization. 

This certification will be particularly beneficial to providers of demolition services in the Netherlands.

BRL SVMS-007 certificates are issued by SGS Netherlands B.V.

Contact us today for information about BRL SVMS-007 certification.