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KOMO safety mark for fall protection – BRL 9935 – demonstrate the quality of your safety systems for flat roofs.

Construction detail

The KOMO® safety mark signifies that an organization complies with the requirements of Assessment Directive 9935 for the design, installation, inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment on flat roofs. This safety mark is appropriate for executing parties, including roofers, installation companies and consultancy firms. It covers safety provisions such as fences, anchor points and cable systems, as well as facilities for access, such as roof hatches and cage ladders.

An internationally recognized construction standard

The KOMO safety mark is an internationally recognized quality standard for the construction industry. Achieving BRL 9935 certification and being awarded the safety mark enables you to:

  • Demonstrate that your roof safety devices are safe and well-functioning
  • Ensure the safety of employees and contractors working at height
  • Prevent serious accidents, liability claims and damage to your reputation
  • Ensure that your safety provisions are sustainable
  • Obtain a competitive advantage

Modular structure of Assessment Directive 9935

BRL 9935 consists of four parts and has a modular structure. This allows you to apply for certification for only the specific activities that you perform:

  • Part 00 – General part (mandatory)
  • Part 01 – Additional requirement for certification and design
  • Part 02 – Additional requirements for installation
  • Part 03 – Inspection and maintenance

To receive certification, an organization must meet the requirements of Part 00 – General and at least one of the other parts.

Why choose SGS?

SGS is the author of BRL 9935, which was written on behalf of the Nivoh Foundation. We therefore have an intimate grasp of all of the details of this provision and are ideally suited to help you meet the requirements for certification. With many years of experience certifying roofs and facades, we are a highly trusted third party and ideally suited to award the KOMO Mark, allowing you to demonstrate the quality, safety and fitness for use of your safety equipment for flat roofs.

Contact us today for more information about the KOMO safety mark and BRL 9935.