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SGS Joins Oxford University Consortium to Develop COVID-19 Vaccine SGS's Center of Excellence for biosafety is collaborating with other leading UK experts to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 coronavirus. 21 Apr 2020 Business News
Investigation of welded joints and NDT on the roof of the AZ Stadium On behalf of AZ, and in collaboration with Royal HaskoningDHV, SGS has investigated the roof construction of the AZ stadium, which partly collapsed on August 10, 2019. 13 Apr 2020 Business News
Geothermal heat as a sustainable energy source Geothermal energy or geothermal heat is the heat source of the future. The extraction of heat from the earth means we are now able to heat more and more houses and greenhouses in a sustainable way. The popularity of this heating method has increased in recent years, and the number of geothermal heat projects and drilled wells has also increased as a result. However, it is a very complex process, for which the experienced SGS team is happy to offer support. 1 Apr 2020 Business News
New fully automatic hardness tester Our metal testing facilities have recently been expanded with a fully automated micro Vickers and Brinell hardness tester. In addition to regular hardness testing, this instrument is ideally suited for larger numbers of measurements on a single specimen, such as welding trajectories, hardening depths (CHD, SHD, NHD), threaded measurements and 2D hardness profiles. 17 Feb 2020 Updates
Shipping drums by air freight: SGS has the solution Air freight shipping is part of a highly secure transport chain that presents many companies with a considerable challenge. This is because freight shipments must meet specific rules and regulations prior to air transport. One requirement is that it must be reasonably guaranteed that the cargo does not contain any prohibited items. This guarantee can be achieved in various ways. SGS, a Dangerous Goods Specialist and Regulated Agent, has the capabilities to support your company in meeting the requirements. 4 Feb 2020 Business News
SGS Sells its Pest Management and Fumigation (PMF) Activities in Benelux to Anticimex SGS announces the sale of its Pest Management and Fumigation activities in Belgium and the Netherlands to Anticimex. This sale is in line with the evolution of SGS portfolio focusing on strategic services. 17 Dec 2019 Global Corporate News
SimDist analysis quickly provides valuable information Simulated distillation is a Gas Chromatography (GC) method used to characterise petroleum fractions and products based on their boiling point. One of the most widely used analysis techniques in the petrochemical industry is Simulated Distillation. With the SimDist analysis, the hydrocarbons are separated in order of boiling point. 15 Dec 2019 Business News
Does your company use PFAS-free AFF products? The presence of PFAS and the impact of PFAS components on the environment has been a much-discussed topic in recent times. Worldwide awareness regarding this is increasing. PFAS (Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances) is a group of more than 6000 chemical substances. These substances have been used in various products, such as firefighting foam, for decades. As a result, these substances have been released into the environment and are now found in, for example, soil, ground- and surface water. 24 Oct 2019 Business News
Salmonella: prevention is better than cure How do you describe Salmonella in a clear way so that everyone understands it? We’ll attempt to do just that in this article. Just like people, bacteria have a first and last name. The only difference is that we say a bacteria’s name the other way around. Salmonella is the surname and consists of a whole group of bacteria. All these different bacteria have their own first names. 27 Aug 2019 Business News
Wist u dat de leveranciers van informatietechnologie steeds vaker verplicht worden om ISO 27001-gecertificeerd te zijn? 22 Aug 2019 Business News