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Renovation of the petroleum laboratory in Spijkenisse The current Oil, Gas & Chemicals laboratory was built over 25 years ago. In recent years, the Natural Resources department has experienced considerable growth, and in 2017 a three-story wing was added to house the current Chemistry and Analytical laboratory. Last year, it was time to start the complete renovation of the petroleum laboratory. 18 Jan 2022 Local Corporate News
SGS and SkyeBase provide an innovative solution for industrial drone inspections SGS Belgium and Skyebase have signed a cooperative agreement for the development of an Intelligent Asset Inspection Platform for Ship-To-Shore (STS) harbour cranes and the performance of industrial drone inspections. Combining data collection via high-tech cameras and drones with data analysis and artificial intelligence puts companies on the road to an efficient, safe and sustainable way of working. 16 Dec 2021 Local Corporate News
New support and advisory services for automotive customers We check the condition of cars for sale after the expiry of the lease term. As of recently, we can also support this process with other tailor-made services. Want to know more? Read the article. 14 Dec 2021 Business News
$name 29 Nov 2021 Business News
Changes for the air transport of lithium batteries From January 2022, new rules will apply to the transport of (packaged) lithium batteries. Make sure you are aware of the new regulations. Below, we list everything for you. 2 Nov 2021
Sales Program Audits As a car brand, importer or car dealer, would you like to manage your costs better? Our Sales Program Audits provide a clear view on the structure and operation of your incentives and can deliver efficiency gains for all parties. 22 Oct 2021 Business News
SGS deploys versatile expertise during construction of HES Hartel Tank Terminal The construction of the HES Hartel Tank Terminal is in full swing. Through the versatile expertise and the latest techniques and insights within SGS, we have been able to serve this terminal in several areas in terms of inspections during construction. 7 Oct 2021 Business News
UK Government Extends Deadline for Transitioning from CE Mark The UK Government has announced that it has extended the deadline for transitioning from the CE mark to the new UKCA mark by one year, till January 1, 2023. 26 Aug 2021 Business News
The Oosterweel link: a complex challenge for underground cables and piping In the coming years, the Oosterweel link will round off the Antwerp ring road through a series of tunnels and trenches. Such large and complex infrastructure projects require good preparation, including in terms of the infrastructure of underground cables and pipes. Our SGS (Roos+Bijl) colleague Johan took on this challenging task as the interface/tactile manager on behalf of VTTI contractor Ocotech. 28 Jun 2021 Business News
The ongoing issue of asbestos on ships Asbestos has been banned in ships since 2002, although through our Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) inspections, it is still found in most ships today. In this article we explain the steps that ship owners should take to solve the problems that asbestos is causing the maritime sector. 5 May 2021 Business News