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Thermal conductivity test tool λ-meter EP500e

Since September 2013, SGS INTRON is the proud owner of the thermal conductivity test tool EP500e. This single-specimen λ-meter is a so called guarded hot plate apparatus and measures the thermal resistance of materials. Tests will be performed in accordance with ISO 8302, EN 1946-2, EN 12664, EN 12667, EN 12939, ASTM C177 and DIN 52612.

Technical information

The EP500e measures the thickness of an inserted sample and creates a temperature difference ΔT over this sample. Whenever the declared temperature difference over the sample is attained it measures the heat flux Q necessary to maintain this stationary condition. The heat flux Q is equivalent to the electrical power of the heating unit (U•I). The thermal conductivity is therefore determined based on the defined measurement area A and the one-dimensional thermal conduction.

Keymark certification and product focus

In the near future SGS INTRON will participate in a round robin to attain Keymark registration for insulation products. Keymark is a voluntary quality mark following a single set of rules, developed by European standardisation bodies (members of the European Committee for Standardisation CEN). The Keymark for thermal insulation products will assist users to differentiate between products conforming to the legally required minimum (safety) characteristics in the European Economic Area (CE Marking) and products conforming to the complete European product standard (Keymark).

Additional possibilities

SGS INTRON acquired additional features for the EP500e which grants it the possibility to measure on larger thicknesses (up to 200mm), but more importantly it allows measurements on materials with increased thermal conductivity (λ up till 2 W/(m•K). This addition will therefore make it suitable for more materials such as certain types of wood, glass or even concrete.