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European Commission ends anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures against solar panels from China

Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures against solar panels originating from China are no longer in place, as per 3 September 2018. This means importers no longer have to pay additional duties for importing panels from China. It is expected that this measure will lead to additional import of solar panels from China into the EU.

However, it is expected that solar panels will still receive special attention from customs authorities throughout Europe. In particular, customs authorities will be focusing on the following:

  • Fraudulent traders: during the period in which the anti-dumping measures were in place, a considerable number of traders have tried to evade these measures. Customs will still be targeting these traders. Confiscation of solar panels may be a consequence of working with these traders. Therefore, screening of trading partners will remain very important in the near future.

  • Customs value: even though anti-dumping measures are no longer in place, customs authorities will be analysing the declared customs value of imported solar panels. Prices could drop as a result of the European Commission’s decision, but customs will assess if declared prices are realistic.

  • VAT compliance: more parties are expected to enter the solar panel trade following the European Commission’s decision. These parties often engage in complicated transactions with multiple resales. VAT compliance is then always a major issue, especially if solar panels have been customs cleared with fiscal representation.

    SGS Maco is a specialist in the field of customs services related to solar panels. We help some of the largest solar panel traders in Europe to be customs compliant in this high-risk business. We have a good reputation for screening of trading partners, knowledge of the solar panel industry and we are the leading fiscal representative of the Netherlands.

    If you have any questions regarding the decision of the European Commission or if you need assistance in customs clearing solar panels, please contact us at or call 0031-475425800.

    Erik van Cann

    Product manager VAT services / solar panel specialist