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The Brexiteers within the British Conservative Party have called in the help of former Maco Customs Service director Hans Maessen to solve the Irish / Northern Irish border problem.

He is trying to find a solution that keeps that border open after the United Kingdom has left the customs union.

“The UK government recently published its proposals for the UK-EU relationship after Brexit. As it looks now, these proposals will not be acceptable to the EU.  This may lead to a ‘no deal’ Brexit on WTO-terms.  The consequences would be grave as trade would be heavily affected and border formalities would lead to a breakdown of supply chains.

However, it does not have to go this way. Although the UK and EU positions seem to be very far apart at this time, it is possible to have a hard Brexit and still maintain frictionless borders. This way the UK can leave both the Single Market and the Customs Union, but supply chains can continue to function and borders (including the one between Ireland and Northern Ireland) can remain transparent.”

His ideas have been picked up by the English and Dutch media; de Volkskrant, 1Limburg and The Sun have reported on this.

It is extremely interesting to be involved in solving the biggest custom issue of our time. Keep up to date with all Brexit developments by following our news stories.

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