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PV OpMaat CustomFit: Responsible integration of PV elements in buildings SGS INTRON is taking part in the Interreg project PV OpMaat CustomFit. Participating partners will examine how solar panels can be integrated more efficiently and in a more customized way in homes and buildings. 16 Mar 2018 Local Corporate News
ISO 45001 Standard Published The long-awaited Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard, ISO 45001, has now been published. Find out more. 12 Mar 2018 Business News
Dangerous Goods Regulations Soon, the 59th edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) will be available. The IATA DGR manual is the global reference for shipping dangerous goods by air and the only standard recognized by airlines. The 2018 59th edition is effective January 1, 2018. 6 Nov 2017 Business News
SGS participates in the development of self-healing roads The European HEALROAD Consortium is working on the development, optimization and validation of self-healing asphalts. SGS INTRON takes part in the consortium. During Infravation in Cologne on Thursday 26th October, the progress on self-healing asphalt was presented during a workshop. 2 Nov 2017 Business News
CSC certification system for responsibly sourced concrete In January 2017 the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) launched the first global responsible sourcing certification system for concrete. SGS is founding member of the CSC. 10 Feb 2017 Business News
The environmental profile of ready-mix concrete and concrete products is measurable via a new online tool By order of SBRCURnet SGS INTRON developed an online tool to determine the environmental profile of blend compositions and its process to concrete morter and concrete products. 10 Mar 2016 Business News
Inspection of Gallery Apartments in the Netherlands Gallery apartments built in the Netherlands before 1975 must undergo inspections for structural safety. 23 Dec 2015 Business News
Transition to SA8000:2014 On August 25, 2015, SAAS with notification 4 A outlined the new revised timeline and process for organizations to transition to SA8000:2014. 24 Nov 2015 Business News
First certificate ‘Recognized processor invasive species’ issued Van Berkel Biomassa & Bodemproducten is the first company in the Netherlands which received the Association of Dutch Greenwaste Composting Plants’ (BVOR) certificate for ‘Recognized processor invasive species', audited by SGS INTRON Certificatie. 13 Nov 2015 Business News
Liftkeuringen 24 Jun 2015 Business News