SGS Tank & Container Services

The SGS Tank & Container Services (T&CS) team has many years of experience with which they provide a full package of tank and container-survey related services to, among others, tank leasing companies, tank operators, shipping companies, container operators and leasing companies.

With experienced staff and our worldwide coverage, we provide a solid service to our customers.

Tanker Truck

Our Inspection Services

Our services include tank inspections, container surveys, online new construction inspections and completion and classification certifications, all performed in major depots, ports, manufacturers and warehouses around the world.

Periodic Inspections

SGS T&CS is accredited to perform periodic inspections on all types of ISO tanks through the accreditation of ABS. All data is stored on our own database where you can view or download your certificates 24/7 via a unique access code.

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Tank Container, Tank Truck, and Box Container Inspections

Our employees are certified to carry out standard inspections and special investigations, such as on-hire and off-hire investigations, hygiene inspections and, for tank wagons, Reinheitsschlussel verification.

Testing of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

SGS offers a unique service for performing various on-site IBC tests using a mobile unit of measurement. We can perform statutory inspections and recertification of IBC inspections. In addition, we can also carry out periodic inspections.

Specialized Inspections

Our experts can perform tests to your specifications to determine the specific concentrations of gases in tank containers and tank wagons, including;

  • Analytical inspections
  • Dew Point inspections
  • Gas-free inspections

Reefer Container Inspections

We perform refrigerated container inspections on both the hull of refrigerated containers and the cooling unit.

Shipside Surveys

Shipside surveys are inspections during the loading and unloading of ships.


At SGS, we are constantly striving to provide innovative logistics services and solutions for the oil and gas industry. Thanks to our extensive experience in oil and gas logistics and unparalleled knowledge of marine cargo inspections, we can offer flexible inspection solutions that always meet your needs, wherever you are.

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